Beware Of Expiring iPad Micro-SIMs

Prepaid micro-SIMs for the iPad look like a great deal for iPad owners who mostly use Wi-Fi but occasionally want on-the-road access. But be careful — if you don't regularly use your SIM, it might expire altogether.

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Lifehacker reader James B wrote in with this cautionary tale:

Just thought I should point out a titbit I got from a Tesltra techie today - if you don't recharge your iPad microsim for a couple of months, they will kick you off the network and you'll have to buy a whole new SIM! I'm pretty sure this only happens if you don't have any other services on your Telstra account (like me), but I just had to fork out another $30 for a new SIM . . .

As James points out, this doesn't necessarily apply to all deals from Telstra, but if you are a customer whose only relationship with Telstra is through your tablet, it's worth bearing in mind. If you've encountered similar issues with your iPad SIM, tell us about it in the comments. Thanks James!


    Not a problem for me. Vodafone give you a sim for free, then you buy data. Nice and simple.

    Ive been wondering this all night, thanks for the tip.

    I now have an iPad 3G and although i want a 3G connection with it, it will not be as used as WiFi.

    Does anyone know of a deal where i can not recharge for about a year and still keep an active connection?

      Telstra have 365 day expiry on one of their prepaid deals.

      Telstra has a 365 day with 12Gb recharge

    I thought the Telstra iPad SIM T&C's mentioned this expiry. IIRC you only need to recharge at least once every 6 months.

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