Being At Home Isn’t Protection Against Burglary

Worrying about being robbed when we're away from our house is natural, but not all potential thieves are carefully tracking our movements. A survey of 1,000 Australian home owners suggests that amongst those who had been burgled, 22% were at home when the robbery occurred.

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Just 29% of the respondents in the survey, conducted by ADT Security, said they had experienced a break-in, and only 8% said it had happened in the last year, so it's not necessarily a hugely likely event. One of our most prevalent worries is losing our digital possessions: 69% said that losing a laptop or PC would be their biggest concern in the event of a break-in.

Having hard-to-pick locks and screens on your windows can help reduce the risk of burglary. Check out our Hive Five of home inventory tools for tools to help list your possessions if you do need to make an insurance claim, and check out advice from a burglar on good locations to hide money.


    My house was broken into when I was at home about a year and a half ago, they even went into my bedroom while I was sleeping and stole stuff.

    Three of my group-mates at uni got home at 3am from a long study session, and fell asleep instantly in the couches in the living room. About half an hour later, a burglar literally opened the front door (they didn't lock it properly), walked in a stole 3 laptops and 2 iphones which were sitting on the table next to them, and walked out.

    One them was semi-awake and thought it was a house mate, but realized everything was gone, and by then it was too late. To me, that is as freaky as it gets.

    I had to chase a guy out of my girlfriends house a few months back, luckily she woke up after the dude had only pocketed my wallet. Scary shit D:

    I got woken up after a big night out by two guys breaking in to my house a couple of years back. It was daytime and they didn't know I was there until one of them opened my bedroom door and told the other to get out. They took two laptops and a bag with my housemates camera. We were not insured and I never felt safe in that house again.

    What really bugs me about home invasion is if you are threatened you can't use any kind of weapon or you will end up being charged, and the criminal is treated like a victim :[

      I don't think that's quite right. Reasonable force used in self-defence or defence of others is lawful. (Of course, whatever you do, the police have discretion as to whether or not to charge you.)

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