Android Protector Password Protects Apps On Android Devices

Android: If you don't have a problem letting your buddy browse the web on your Android device but you don't want him reading your email or messing with the settings, Android Protector password protects individual applications without locking down the whole phone.

There's a myriad of reasons you might want to only lock down part of your Android device: you want to let a friend use it without them getting into your personal stuff, your kid wants to play games but you don't want them screwing up the settings, or you want to make sure nobody knows your comic book reader is filled with Sailor Moon manga.

Android Protector is a lightweight Android application that secures applications on a user-defined list with a simple PIN code. Install the app, run it and set your PIN, and then flag the applications you want to secure. You can toggle Android Protection on and off from the notification bar — having it on all the time would be an enormous pain — so your apps are only locked down when you need them to be.

The free version of Android Protector allows you to lock down up to 10 applications — more than enough for things like Settings, Messaging, Gmail and the like. You can purchase the premium version for $1.02 and enjoy unlimited application locking. Visit the link below to read more about Android Protector or scan the QR code at right to download it to your Android device.

Android Protector


    I have been loiking for an app that does this for iOS for ages. Anyone seen one?

      I have also been looking for this for a long time.
      It seems jail broken phones can only do it :(

    Terrible app unless you pay for it.

    Automatically chooses 10 random apps to protect (with no option of unprotecting them).

    One of Lifehacker's worst recommendations!

    I tried this app and couldn't believe it. It lets you lock 10 apps but this is so restrictive and it chooses which ones for you. Who would be interested in locking SG Toolbox or Samsung Info. There are more important items on the phone. Get App Protector and you'll be miles in front...

    Go get an app called ES Security Manager.

    It does Application Protection, Thread Detection, and Remote Locking.

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