AeroWeather Shifts Aero's Colour Scheme To Match The Weather

Windows: If you're a fan of passive information delivery, AeroWeather is a clever weather tool that gives you subtle feedback about the weather conditions via Aero's colour scheme.

AeroWeather can change the colour of Aero based on the temperature outside as well as the atmospheric conditions. Cooler temperatures yield a darker purple theme and hotter temperatures yield a brighter red theme. You can set the scale to your own liking (if 10C is about as cold as it gets in your locale, for example, it's silly to leave the minimum at -10C). If you're using conditions instead of temperature, the interface changes to blue when it's sunny, grey when it's cloudy, dark grain when raining, and so on.

In addition to temperature and atmospheric conditions you can also set AeroWeather to monitor sunrise and sunset, brightening and dimming Aero accordingly. AeroWeather is freeware, Windows only, and requires .Net Framework 3.5 or above.

AeroWeather [via Addictive Tips]


    Forwarding this post onto the australian subdomaim of LH is pointless, the app only accepts us zip codes.

      Not entirely pointless. I just threw mine into some place in California, so it changes subtly as it goes along. Which is nice.

      I still wish it was worldwide.

      To set up Australian weather conditions you need a code from for example ASXX0075
      Copy and paste the code in Location and click validate, it should work, it worked from me.

        Worked for me also :)

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