WizardRSS Coverts Any Partial RSS Feed To A Full Feed

Sometimes, web publishers provide excerpt-only versions of their RSS feeds rather than offering the full text via RSS — requiring readers to visit the site for the full story. Web app WizardRSS converts any partial RSS feeds to a full feed.

If you follow a site for which you can't find a full-feed option, just take the site's partial feed, plug it into WizardRSS, then subscribe to the feed it creates in your newsreader for the full posts.

I tested WizardRSS on Lifehacker's partial feed, and while it had a few hiccups, in general it worked very well. Thanks Ste-V-illagE and Rosa!



    Great, now I don't need to click through to Penny Arcade comics anymore.

    Will this work on the Lifehacker Australia feed? Or does it finally have a full feed option hidden somewhere?

      Hey Craig, I just tested it and it works fine on Lifehacker and Gizmodo Australia.

    Does it convert titles covertly?

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