Windows 8 "About Two Years" Away From Debut

Microsoft marked the first birthday of its very successful Windows 7 release around the world last week. One such spot was a Dutch blog post, where keen-eyed Microsoft watchers noted a translation that indicated the company believed Windows 8 to be "about two years" off.

Microsoft certainly has high hopes for Windows 8, more than the kind of iterative (but great) improvements seen from Vista to 7; one employee said Windows 8 would "change the way people think about PCs."

WinRumors via CNET; image via Tested


    In 2009 Microsoft said they'd release the next windows in 3 years.

    It's been one year. 3-1=2.

    This is pretty simple. Why is this such big news? Are they going to make a big hoo-haa about it next year, saying 'amazing! it turns out windows 8 is only a year off! Who'd have thunk it?!'

    I hope its less, my BizSpark membership will run out in just under 2 years.

    Going be history Windows 8 will be shit.

    Win 3.1 = Good
    Win 95 = Shit
    Win 98 = Good
    Win 2000 = Shit
    Win XP = Good
    Vista = Shit
    Win 7 = Good

      Going by* history

      And where do WinNT and WinMe fit in to your list?

      2000 shit? That's new to me. You left out ME.

      Win 3.1 = Good
      Win 95 = Shit (but new shit)
      Win NT = Good
      Win 98 = Shit
      Win 2000 = Good
      Win ME = Shit (oh god)
      Win XP = Good (but not great)
      Vista = Shit (only slightly)
      Win 7 = Good

        What are you smoking? Windows 98SE was the bomb, until XP. Vista was not only slightly shit either; its not a Millenium Edition, but damn close!

    Lil birdie told me there is a beta Win9 out....
    Time to do some reinstalling???

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