What’s Your Favourite Quick And Simple Meal?

What’s Your Favourite Quick And Simple Meal?

You’ve got a few minutes to throw a meal together, but you don’t want to sacrifice taste just because you have no time. What’s your go-to dead simple meal? Everybody’s got one; I’ll start things off with mine:

I’m a big fan of chilli, especially as the leaves start to turn. I’ve cooked pretty involved chilli recipes in the past, but after all the effort, my favourite chilli involves three canned goods, some chilli powder and a few other embellishments here and there. It costs next to nothing, is a great dinner for two and takes no time to make. Here’s what you’ll need:

Note: You don’t need to get hung up on the specific canned-food brands from the picture. I often go with whatever’s on sale, provided that it’s the same basic starting point.

  1. Canned diced tomatoes (I go with these Mexican-style lime and cilantro ones; I use two cans of diced tomatoes, though they are a little smaller than the cans of beans.)
  2. Canned red/chilli/pinto beans/etc (I like these southwestern-style beans, which also throw in some corn and diced onion.)
  3. Canned black beans
  4. Chilli powder

Like any soup, you can, of course, include other ingredients and seasoning to taste. If I’ve got it around, I’ll occasionally pour a little beer in the chilli (you’ll just have to simmer a little longer to cook out some of that extra liquid), and I also like my chilli spicy, so I’ll sometimes add a little hot sauce to the mix. But the basic, three-can chilli above (OK, it’s four cans, but three kinds of cans) creates an excellent base chilli you can either enjoy on its own or jazz up with some ideas of your own, and it takes no time to prepare.

  1. Open the cans
  2. Dump them in a pot
  3. Season with chilli powder and other seasoning to taste
  4. Make it hot

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

That’s my go-to quick and simple dinner (I always try to have those cans on standby in my pantry, especially during autumn and winter months), but I’m sure you’ve got your own. Whether it’s a one-pot meal, a few-ingredient cooking trick or a can-mixing recipe like mine, share your favourite quick and simple recipe in the comments.


  • For me it would have to be fried rice. Quick, easy, yummy, and my perfect comfort food.

    Boil up some rice for about 20 mins in a saucepan. This is where the volume comes from, so good to take note of how much you put in there. I put 3/4 to 1 metric cup normally. That’s a big plate though.

    While doing the rice, I scrambled a single egg in the fry pan. Once the egg is done, throw in whatever. I normally have peas and corn in the freezer. Mushrooms are also yummy.

    Once the rice is done, add it to the fry pan and add some chili flakes and heaps of soy sauce, then cook for a few more minutes.

  • My fav easy meal is Scrambled eggs… but wait… I add cheese and throw them in the microwave so it’s quicker.


    3 Eggs
    1 slice cheese, Tear in to little pieces
    1 splash milk
    1 dab butter

    throw all this together, stir hard with a fork.

    Add salt Pepper and some italian herbs

    microwave for 1 minute. Pull out, stir and break up the egg.

    Microwave for 1 minute, Same same… give it a stir and make sure the cooked bits go in the centre of bowl.

    Ta-da…. Done. Make toast…

    Easy and quick. 5 minute gourmet eggs baby!

  • Indomie Mi Goreng. That’s it. Add whatever to it, I find stirring in an egg whilst cooking and perhaps some gochujang (Korean chilli paste, can get it from any Korean grocery store) makes it perfect!

  • Rice cakes and cottage cheese with mixed herbs on top for flavour –
    or Get a premixed Ceasar salad from supermarket and a tin of tuna or salmon, use the tin lid to chop up the salad and mix in the meat and you have a healthy meal in a bowl

  • 90 second microwave rice

    put them in microwave…

    get 2 eggs, and soy sauce, mix and beat, and put in hot sausepan…

    when rice is done, dump rice in with egg add chilli maybe some more soy…

    beautiful and takes a whole lot of 2 minutes

  • My goto meal as a student was;

    1x the larger instant noodles with all the indecipherable writing on the front (the expensive $1.50 kind!)
    1x can of chilli Tuna
    1x handfull of frozen mixed vege
    1x egg

    instant tuna noodle soup type thing, heaps of tabasco, crack an egg in it, nuke the crap out of it…

    Best feedback from mates “I didn’t die” = 3chef hats.

  • classic brushetta

    grab a thick slice of home style bread and toast it, cut a clove of garlic in half and then rub the toasted bread with the garlic (three or for rubs is enough)

    in a bowl chop some fresh tomatoes into rough chunks, add salt and pepper, finely slice some red onion in, tear up some basil leaves and some bocconchini (or crumble in some fetta), drizzle with olive oil and balsamic and mix well

    spread garlic toast with pesto and pour tomato and cheese salad over top

    classic italian meal (great lgiht dinner in summer)

    takes 3 minutes, tastes delicious, is very healthy and is great fro impressing the lady ona summer evening (especially if you pour her a glass of sav balnc to go with it)

  • 1x Continental pasta side dish of your choosing
    Get that on the stove

    Mix of chopped up vegetables (broccoli/cauliflower/capsicum/peas/corn/carrot)

    Put the vegies in near the end (depending how crunchy you like them)

    Total cooking time: ~12 to 15mins

    Optionally brown some cubed chicken first then cook up the continental

    (Pretty much as per directions on back of pack)


    Cook up some pasta, chuck in some pasta bake sauce, add tuna from a can, and some vegies.

  • The most easy meal I make is tin Spaghetti with beef mince.

    Brown the mince.
    Chuck garlic power and any other dry herbs I have.
    add the tin of spaghetti near the end and serve.

    Better than just a tin of spag but almost as easy.

    the other easy option is called ‘feeding the 5000’

    a whole cabbage chopped and cooked in a wok with a bit of oil.

    add any other vegtables you have (even frozen stuff) Harder veg (like carrots) go in early, softer veg (corn) goes in last.

    add some cooked meat if you have any (leftover BBQ chook is great)

    add stock.

    the longer you cook the softer and masher is gets so just eat it when it is the consistency you like. My friend likes it when the veg is still all crisp, I like it all squishy.

  • Easiest chicken casserole you’ll ever make, and it’s cheap and delicious.

    Get a chicken (1.5kg) and joint it; if you can’t be bothered use the equivalent weight in chicken pieces.
    Open two packets of Campbell’s french onion simmer soup; tip the powder onto a plate. Coat the chicken pieces in the powder and brown in a frying pan with a little oil.
    Slice a large onion and layer the browned chicken pieces and onion slices in a large casserole dish. Once all the chicken is in the dish, use 2-3 cups of water to rinse the onion soup mix off the plate and out of the pan the chicken was browned in; this all goes into the casserole dish. Cook in a moderate oven until the onion is soft and the chicken cooked through; serve with rice or pasta. One chicken serves about four people.

  • In the spirit of the original post, my multi-tin quickie:

    1 x tin of tuna
    1 x tin of asparagus tips
    Several spoons of balsamic caramalised onion or a similar chutney/sauce
    A sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and the like for texture

    mix and eat cold.

  • boiled pasta plus ‘whatever else I have in the house’. Generally it involves tomato paste, spices, and maybe a vegetable or two…or possibly just olive oil, garlic and cheese. You don’t need to warm up the sauce if you stir it through and throw it straight on the pasta, and you have to find something to do while you wait the 10 minutes for pasta to finish.

    The bottom line is: keep the ingredients simple, and most things taste great with hot pasta and cheese.

  • Nachos!
    1x Original Doritos
    1x Guacamole dip
    1x Light sour cream
    1x medium salsa dip
    1x Pack of shredded cheese (or shred your own)

    Layer doritos into 2 layers in bowl, adding cheese on each layer.
    Nuke for 1 min or until cheese is nice and bubbling.
    Dump the guac, sour cream and salsa on top and enjoy.
    1 doritos pack usually feeds 3 of us

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