VPlayer Plays Just About Any Video Format On Android

Android: Your Android phone should have a really simple video player built in, one that tackles anything you have on your SD card. In the meantime, grab VPlayer, and your XviD, DivX, WMV, MKV and other files can be played with ease.

It's similar, then, to the RockPlayerBase previously posted and is similarly in its early stages of development. It's got fewer controls too, but better second-by-second scrubbing. The app also remembers your place in a video and may work better for some phones than RockPlayer does, given the varying nature of Android hardware. Brad at the Mobiputing blog cites great performance on his Nexus One, and I'm seeing the same.

VPLayer is a free download for Android phones, available in the Market (with donations requested). The developer notes that it doesn't work on Droid X or Droid 2 phones at the moment. [via Mobiputing]


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S with 2.1 firmware via latest Samsung version that I got from Kies. I played an older 360 or 480p .avi which plays perfectly. I then tried a 720P .mkv and while it plays, it doesn't keep up and I end up with artifacts and frames overlapping or staying on top. I'm not sure whether or not it is my phone unable to play it due to hardware or if it is the software still requiring some work to increase performance.

    I doubt 720P should even be used on a smartphone.

    480P should be sufficient for anything I have on my phone

    - Noother

    Have you installed the voodoo lagfix?


    I can confirm that performance gains are huge.

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