Virgin Blue Basically Offline All Wednesday

In a bid to put its long-running check-in woes behind it, Virgin Blue will be switching off most of its computer systems from 8pm tonight until 5am on Thursday — meaning no online bookings or check-in, no phone sales, and no kiosk check-ins at airports. If you're flying with Virgin Blue during that time, get yourself to the airport even earlier than usual; if you're planning to fly, either book this afternoon or wait until later in the week. [Virgin Blue]


    Another failed Microsoft real-time mission critical systems to go along with the London Stock exchange.

    SQL and .NET strikes again


    Actually, Lamby, everything I've seen points to a failure in processes - not a failure in the technology stack. Yes, LSE was a big stuffup - but let's make sure we don't cast stones at the wrong parties. suggests it was initially a storage failure - Texas Memory Systems (the RAMSAN is an extremely high performance SAN storage array) or NetApp. suggests it wasn't the NetApp controllers. The same article then suggests it took 21 hours to decide to cut over to the DR hardware platform - and that's a failure in process, not technology. If they'd cut to DR immediately (ie within 10 minutes) most people wouldn't even have noticed except for slight delays in booking/checking in/boarding for that 10 minute period and however long it took to catch up again.

    If you have a real time environment like this, and it takes 21 hours to decide you've had a disaster, your process is broken and you need to fix it. Technology cannot solve process problems; it can only move the problem elsewhere.

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