Use The Two-Bowl Method To Reheat Food With Less Mess

In honour of Food Week, we turn to Lifehacker reader pojken's tried-and-true two-bowl reheating method. It's something many of you probably already do, but it's a nice trick for cleaner cooking.

When heating up food in a shallow bowl, I use another similar bowl flipped upside down on top. This traps in the heat and avoids splatter. I use a plate on top for deep bowls.

This is especially helpful for foods that require a bit of steaming — reheating rice, veggies, etc. I just sprinkle water on it and then cover it.

Reuse the top bowl or plate for serving up a portion or for other foods.


    I was doing this just the other day =] +1 recommend!

    Have to disagree, there is more clean up, i prefer to cook in the microwave at a lower power rate, just takes a little bit longer.

    Or you could do the environment/slacker-friendly thing and just eat it cold.

    I already do this! But I also place a dinner plate underneath both bowls. This way I don't scold myself when removing the bowls from the microwave.

    MarioC's suggestion about cooking at a lower power rate is a really good one. I find 60% of maximum power at nearly twice the normal cooking time is ideal for gently reheating. No more scolding your mouth!

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