Use Public Google Bookmarks To Find Great Related Sites

Use Public Google Bookmarks To Find Great Related Sites

The types of folks to keep Google Bookmarks and make them public? They’re also, in many cases, the folks who find great links around the web. Leverage and search that curiosity by typing your favourite URLs into Google Bookmarks’ search bar.

The idea comes from the Google Operating System blog, where the author found that typing in the address of a Java utility returned a host of other web development tools. Specific URLs work better than keywords at narrowing down the list to Bookmarks users who have your specific interests in mind. By typing in a few Android-related sites, I came across a few links and Android areas I’d never seen before, tucked away in a few like-minded users’ bookmarks.

Find Great Pages Using Google Bookmarks [Google Operating System]


  • I’m surprised (and disappointed) that Google still haven’t bothered to do something smarter about bookmarks. You’d think it would be right up their alley.

    I’m caught between sticking with delicious (which has better functionality), and trying to integrate my bookmarks with all my other Google services. Plugins aren’t an option because I can’t install them at work.

    If we’re lucky it’ll somehow be part of Google Me, but I don’t hold out any hope.

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