Use A Top Cloth To Stop Paint Splattering When You Close The Can

Use A Top Cloth To Stop Paint Splattering When You Close The Can

You finished a major painting project and done most of the clean-up — then you hammer the lid back on the can and drops of paint go everywhere. Lifestyle magazine Notebook offers a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? solution which eliminates that hassle.

Picture by zen

The latest issue of Notebook (which is also the final issue, alas) offers this simple tip for eliminating that hassle:

To avoid paint splatter when sealing a tin of paint, cover the lid and tin with a cloth before tapping the rim with a hammer.

I’ve painted a fair whack of rooms in my time, but this had never occurred to me (proving there’s always something new to learn). Got your own fast post-painting cleanup tricks? Share them in the comments, and check out how to paint a room more efficiently.


  • A tip I learnt probably forty years ago,was to punch a series of holes with a nail, in the groove around the top of the paint can – the groove the lid locks into. This allows any paint to drain back into the can after the brush is wiped against the lip of the can. Gently tapping the lid back on when finished, pushes the remaining paint in the groove back into the can. I have never had any splashes from using that method.

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