Understanding Procrastination Through Movies and Cheeseburgers

Understanding Procrastination Through Movies and Cheeseburgers

Why is it so easy to queue up highbrow movies, buy weight loss gear, and clean our desks when a big project is due? It has to do with our “present bias”, a root concept necessary for understanding the Procrastination Monster.

The continually clever You Are Not So Smart blog tackles probably the most universally understood mental phenomenon in a way that leaves you feeling a bit closer to your feelings of future dread, if not entirely in control of them. Stories about renting Mrs Doubtfire over The Piano, buying cheeseburgers now and thinking about bananas for the rest of your life — it’s funny, eye-opening stuff, and well worth the time you’ll put into it that you should be spending on that project due tomorrow.

Procrastination [You Are Not So Smart]


  • OMG, I’m a procrastinator. I thought I was just unorganised but that article appears to be written specifically about me. Now I’m 36 and I don’t think I’ll be able to change these habits. That’s it, no more reading lifehacker at work!…I’ll just catch up to where I was yesterday….

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