Turn Shelf Brackets Into An Open-Air Filing System

Turn Shelf Brackets Into An Open-Air Filing System

When you’re crunched for space, every square metre counts and the illusion of openness becomes critical to keeping your workspace from looking like a monolith in the corner. Today’s featured workspace is light, compact, and sports a shelf-bracket tickler file.

Lifehacker reader Thomas Stegelmann is short on space, but not short on creative ideas for making the most of a tiny workspace. He writes:

I moved to Salzburg, Austria, in October 2009 and having only 25 square meters available, you must make the best out of every square meter. The total costs are $US248.04, however I spend less due to a little bit of luck in Ikea’s As-Is-Section.

His desk is small but thanks to a wall-mounted monitor, wireless peripherals and an all-white colour scheme that blends into the surrounding room nicely. One of our favourite parts of Thomas’s workspace is the clever repurposing of IKEA shelf brackets to serve as a floating tickler file. The open-air design and the positioning of the tickler file over the waste can creates a left to right paper flow that ends — whether the outcome is file or trash — on the right side of the desk. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at his space-saving hacks.

Turn Shelf Brackets Into an Open-Air Filing System [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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