Trillian For Mac Hits Beta With Facebook And Twitter Integration

Mac only: Trillian's stepped up its multi-protocol game significantly on the Mac platform, fixing a whole bunch of items missing or jaggy in the alpha release, and adding Facebook and Twitter integration, Growl notifications, a better chat history layout and more.

The major new features will be fairly recognisable to users of the Trillian alpha, but there's also a good deal to recommend the beta for newcomers too. The majority of changes and fixes are listed at the Cerulean Studios blog:

  • List views of multiple sizes
  • Growl notifications
  • Chat history with viewer
  • Twitter feeds
  • Facebook news feeds
  • XMPP-based Facebook Chat
  • Contact info card popups
  • Avatar chooser
  • Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts
  • Sound and notification preferences
  • Universal binary support, and

We know Trillian users are particular about what they like to see in their IM client — or else they would still use the default iChat, no? Tell us what you think of Trillian Beta for Mac in the comments.

Trillian for Mac Beta: The one social app for your Mac – new history, Twitter, and Facebook integration! (1.0 Build 160) [Cerulean Studios' Blog]


    I'm gonna have a look, if it's nicer than Adium then it might find a home on my Macs!

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