TheDeadline Is A Keyboard-Friendly Task Management Tool

TheDeadline combines easy task creation with hashtag-based organisation, calendar integration, easy task-sharing and extensive keyboard shortcuts for speedy and intuitive task management.

TheDeadline is a simple but effective task management system that uses easy to remember shorthand and keyboard shortcuts for speedy task entry. When you create tasks you can assign ownership to your friends or coworkers with a simple @ designation and can categorise tasks with # hashtags — just like Twitter. You can also share tasks with groups you've created by using the &groups tag. TheDeadline also integrates with Google for easy task sharing among your contacts and integration with your Google Calendar.

Watch the video above for an informative and in-depth look at how TheDeadline handles task creation, task sharing, reminders and the editing of existing tasks.Thanks skimmas001!

The Deadline


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