The Best Cooking And Recipe Apps For Android

Your Android's connected to the web, so it's also connected to the vast wealth of cooking knowledge, recipes, food price and other culinary data. Here are the best apps for putting Android to work in the kitchen.

As with previous entries in our best Android app series, we've included links to both the app's homepage and to the AppBrain entry, where you can find QR codes and more detailed information on the app.

Recipe Finders and Organisers


What does BigOven have that other recipe apps don't? Namely, more than 170,000 recipes in its database. So if you're the type that likes to really nitpick your curried chicken salad recipe, you'll find a happy home inside the free Android app. The most helpful tool for picking through the recipes is the Leftover Wizard — enter in up to three ingredients you're trying to use up, and BigOven returns with recipes that take on all of them. [Big Oven][AppBrain]


What's with the name? It's the question you might ask of yourself when recipe inspiration is lacking. "What," you might ask, "should I make for dinner" — only add an expletive in there, somewhere. For the snarky name and funny responses, this app, like the web app it comes from, pulls from a deep set of recipes and switches between meat and vegetarian dishes with ease. Plus, there's something so cathartic about all the cursing and pointedly clicking to say you want something else — always something else. [WTFSIMFD][AppBrain]

Kitchen Utilities


Recipes can only take you so far. When you want to cook food in the amounts you need, or make food exactly the way you'd like with the ingredients you have, you'll need to know the fundamental ratios that bind breads, vinaigrettes, sauces and other culinary elements. Michael Ruhlman's Ratio app, based on his weight-based Ratio methodology, frees you up to improvise in the kitchen. Choose a food, enter in how much of each ingredient you have, and it tells you what else you need to hit the, well, you know. $US5 in Android Market. [Michael Ruhlman][AppBrain]

We still feel like there are great apps for cooking, grocery shopping and recipe-finding available for Android that aren't listed here. If you know of one, tell us in the comments!


    I find the app 'digital recipe sidekick' excellent to use too, for its hands free (voice or clap control) options. Saves navigating the recipes with flour or oil coated fingers...

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