Telstra Ultimate USB Modem Now On Sale For Consumers

Telstra Ultimate USB Modem Now On Sale For Consumers

Telstra’s Ultimate USB 3G modem has finally been made available for general buyers, having been on sale for business customers since September. Telstra has also adjusted its higher-priced next G mobile broadband packages to offer more data.

The DC-HSPA+ enabled Ultimate modem is being offered on a range of BigPond Mobile Liberty plans (no sign of a pre-paid option yet, so you’ll need to sign up for a 24 month contract). The $59.95 a month plan now offers 7GB a month, and the top-priced 12GB plan is now $89.95. As ever with Telstra, the pricing can be confusing as there’s discounts offered for customers who bundle other products.

National coverage for Next G is pretty impressive, but claims regarding speed from Telstra do need to be taken with a pinch of salt. My own cross-country testing of the Ultimate USB suggested that it often has trouble meeting the claimed speeds, and I can’t imagine that situation improving with wider availability.



  • You could probably change the picture of a “connection time out”. I don’t believe it is indicative of an average user experience (slow – sometimes; drop outs – occasionally).

    • When the linked articles and the claims made therein are taken into account it could thus be considered that the picture above is a fairly accurate summation of the user experience that could be expected with the Ultimate hardware.

      Hopefully Telstra will release updated software that squashes the bugs, but for the moment…

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