Skype Now Available For Android Phones

Android: Skype has just opened its free internet calling app to everyone via the Android Market. Anyone running Android 2.1 and above can make Skype chats, calls (Wi-Fi and 3G) and sync Skype to their contacts.

Skype says its tested its app on HTC and Motorola phones and knows it's got a few kinks to work out, especially on the Samsung Galaxy S and other brands. When the app does work, though, it simply works in a very Android way. Skype stays open in the background and remains accessible through the notification bar. The app can sync your Skype contact data to your existing contacts and make Skype Out calls using your Skype credit.

Here's Skype in action in its official launch video:

Skype is a free download for Android phones running 2.1 firmware and above. If you're giving it a test this morning, give us your likes and dislikes in the comments. Thanks Lowell!

Skype for Android [via Skype Blog]


    Any word on video... still waiting for mobile skype app with video?

    Installed on HTC Legend, but can't even sign in ... as soon as enter login details and click OK, it says: Can't sign in - We're sorry, but we couldn't sign you in. Please try again later.

      looks like a common problem:

      It was working great for me last night on my Telstra HTC Desire with very clear call quality over 3G (with a few obvious bugs, such as lack of an exit button, no video calling, etc etc), but today I tried to sign in on it and I now get the same error, "We’re sorry, but we couldn’t sign you in. Please try again later." It's almost like it's a "single-use" app. Any ideas anyone?

    Not available from the market for the HTC wildfire.
    Tried installing using the apk and I am able to sign in but trying to call crashes the app (Force Close).

    Working fine on the HTC Aria :)

    hey what about skype video call when it is comming

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