Set A ‘Demo Unit’ Screensaver As A Theft Deterrent

Set A ‘Demo Unit’ Screensaver As A Theft Deterrent

Your best bet to protect your gear against theft is never leaving it unattended, but Lifehacker reader Time Pilot AKA explains how he uses a clever screensaver as a theft deterrent for his Kindle.

This is my Kindle’s “theft deterrent”. I jailbroke the device so I could install my own screensavers, and now whenever I turn the Kindle off, this label appears on the screen. It’s a perfect illusion… the e-ink display makes the text look like it was printed right on a piece of light-grey cardboard.

For reference, here’s a dead easy guide to jailbreaking your Kindle (and installing your own fonts/screensavers). It’s literally a two-step process.


  • may not work if say the theft watched you use it for the last 20 mins on the bus etc.

    As for other devices, the theft would probably think that if it was demo unit, why in the hell would you be carrying it around.

    I see this as a good prank if you could do it in a shop selling products with live demos.

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