Repurpose A Dining Room Table As A Two-Person Workstation

Repurpose A Dining Room Table As A Two-Person Workstation

When you’re looking for a spacious desk, sometimes it pays to skip looking for a desk altogether and repurpose another surface. Today’s workspace features a dining room table turned two-person workstation.

Unpluggd reader Martin Reid renovated his home office, and in an effort to get more space than a traditional desk would afford, opted to use a dining table. He writes:

I have just recently finished renovating my home office and have a great IKEA dining table that I am using as a computer desk. I’ve never seen it used like this before and thought you might like to see some photos? I have fixed the router and power socket extensions to either side of the table so there are plenty of sockets. For cable management I bought some spring clips from a local DIY store. All they need is a 1 screw for fixing and are an excellent and very cheap option for hiding your cables. Because they are fixed with with a screw they can fixed at almost any angle you need to hide your cables.

Check out some shots of his office below, or follow the link below for the whole set.

Repurpose a Dining Room Table as a Two-Person Workstation [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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