Remember To Check Your Device Clocks

We'll be having a quieter than usual Monday because of the NSW long weekend. Readers everywhere in Australia except Queensland, the NT and WA should remember to check for the daylight saving change (2am Sunday clocks go forward to 3am) on any device you possess that has a clock. While up-to-date PCs and Macs shouldn't have a problem, phones, PVRs and even hotel room keys are less predictable. Avagoodweekend!


    "except Queensland and WA should remember to check for the daylight saving change"

    And the Northern Territory :-)

      D'oh! Fixed now.

    There is no more daylight saving in WA.

      I think the word "except" covered WA pretty well.

    My phone decided to change to daylight savings time this morning even though I'm in Queensland. My alarm went off at 6am instead of 7am and I didn't realise until I got in the car and saw the clock on the dash. FML

      We must have swapped phones! I'm in NSW and mine decided it would rather lie in for an extra hour thanks. Just as well I was woken up by the landline ringing or I might have slept late!

    Hahahah, love the thumbnail for this article !

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