QuickCal Mobile Adds Month And List Views, Improves iPhone Fonts

We dig how QuickCal makes entering calendar events into your iCal/iPhone calendars far more friendly and less time-consuming, and now the developer has made QuickCal's iPhone version easier to actually look through.

He's added a list view and month view that allow for quicker scanning into future events, so it's now a great entry and review calendar. The app is $1.19 in the iTunes Store. [iTunes via Just Another iPhone Blog]


    You've got a screenshot of QuickCal and not QuickCal Mobile. I think you mean to have QuickCal Mobile. QuickCal doesn't let you enter appointments or events and is just an empty calendar layout. My theory is the they are just trying to make an easy buck out of riding a similar name.

    This is a fantastic app. So why no ipad version? Please!!

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