Powerhand Power Board Handles Bulky Chargers With Ease

Powerhand Power Board Handles Bulky Chargers With Ease

We’ve long been advocates of taking a powerboard on the road, but the bulky size of many chargers means you can’t always utilise every slot. The Powerhand eliminates that issue by offering five linked outlets on individual short leads, meaning you can easily charge multiple devices no matter what size is involved.

As well as eliminating the familiar games of powerboard shuffle as you work out which plugs need to face in which direction, the $49.95 Powerhand might also be easier to pack, as you don’t need the same length in your carry-on bag. Got your own favourite powerboard solution? Share it in the comments.

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  • Hrmmm interested, I’ve been looking for an Australia equivalent to the “powersquid”, this looks like it could fill the gap. Not sure if I’d pay $49.95 though. Maybe $20….. Max.

    • I agree. $49.95 is insane. I’d rather just buy 2 or more regular powerboards and ‘juggle’ with them.

      If the price was significantly lower, then I would buy one without hesitation.

  • Very interested. Always end wasting power slots on powerboards when doing Christmas lights because of the transformers.
    I’d be happy to pay a bit more to be able to use all the slots.

  • Yeah. Fifty bucks is a bit steep, although some of the newer power boards wide enough to take these chargers and have built-in over-voltage and lightning protection now cost up to $170.

  • Can’t see how $50 is worth it. You’re better off just heading to Woolies and getting 5 “4-way) boards for $6 odd dollars each. Plug the first 4 way into the powerpoint, run 4 others off it. You can put 2 chargers in each for 8 devices total.

    (or just get the boards with 3-5 evenly/wide spaced points for chargers)

    Not as convenient for traveling mind you, but how often would you even need to charge more than 2 devices (a single 4-way) while traveling?

  • I suggested this to HPM along with tiny (10 to 20cm) extension cords for solving wall warts in wall sockets issues, got a reply saying it was a good idea, that was a few years ago now.

    These look great, but way over priced, if it was 110v/240v compliant and had universal sockets it would be useful for travelers and be worth the cost.

    One issue i can forsee is it has the lip around the sockets, so some old warts wont fit (ones without the raised circle around the prongs)

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