Perfect Brew Cone Is A No Fuss, Minimalist, Cheap Coffee Maker

The Perfect Brew Cone takes the simplicity of a drip coffee maker and strips away the pot, the boiler and the electricity, leaving behind a cone that drips the fresh coffee right into your cup.

If you want quick and fresh coffee with barely any cleanup and no machine maintenance, the $US5 Melitta Perfect Brew Filter Cone is likely the simplest and easiest to clean coffee makers around. Put a #2 paper filter in the cone, fill it with coffee, pour hot water over it, and the coffee drips fresh and hot right into your cup. Cleanup consists of nothing more than throwing the filter away and rinsing the cone off with a splash of water.

Visit the link below to buy one from — check out the reviews if you're dubious about the quality of coffee that one can produce with a plastic cone.

Melitta Perfect Brew Filter Cone [Amazon via CoolTools]


    My Dad has used one of these for as long as I can remember. They do make great coffee.

    Unless things have changed recently, Amazon doesn't ship that to Australia. I've been trying to get one for months.

    I've been using a Melita one-cup filter that's much less sculpted but basically identical since about 1994. The contraption makes a very thin cup of coffee, without much body. Better tasting than instant, but quite similar in terms of mouth feel. I generally prefer to use a plunger, but the filter is good for a quick single cup.

    The Melita branded filters produce a better cup than the more common Harris branded ones, but I haven't seen the Melita filters on the Aussie market in years.

    You also need to use the finest grind of coffee you can find. Larger grinds require more coffee for the same strength.

    Actually the 'clever coffee' filter is a little better or you could go the regular ceramic/china 'pour-over' for quality filter coffee from Hario or similar.

    Not saying this is bad, just saying in AUS we have different brands etc. on offer.

    Go to your quality coffee shop, in Melb - Maling Room, Market Lane, Dukes, Dancing Goat, Proud Mary's....etc etc they may or do sell these pour over's and filters and the most important factor of all........

    QUALITY BEANS!!!!! or you might as well drink instant crap

    A 'caffettiera' such as this one
    is the best and simplest way in my opinion

    Aeropress is the best no-electricity* coffee maker around. And I have tried everything from on-cup drip filters like this, to plungers, regular drip filter, stovetop, etc.

    * ignoring getting the water hot

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