PayPal For iPhone Deposits Cheques Via Camera

PayPal For iPhone Deposits Cheques Via Camera

iOS: If you truly dislike having to deal with cheques, you’re in luck — at least if you like PayPal. The payment platform’s iPhone app can now deposit cheques after you sign and snap a picture.

PayPal users who have signed into their app can “Add Funds” and choose the “check” method, then snap pictures of the front and back of a signed cheque. There’s a six-day waiting period after that before your cheque is deposited. While that can be a dealbreaker when you need funds right away, given that a transfer from PayPal to another account can take another day or two, it’s still more convenient if you’re the type to sign the cheque, then leave it on your desk or in your wallet for a month or two before the aggrieved cheque-writer comes calling.

PayPal’s cheque deposit update is free and requires a PayPal account.

PayPal for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [iTunes Store via Gizmodo]


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