Optus Improves Data Charges For Prepaid Mobile Users

Optus Improves Data Charges For Prepaid Mobile Users

Prepaid mobile users rarely get a good deal when it comes to data rates on their phone. From November 5, Optus is changing its prepaid policy, charging $1.32 per MB or part thereof rather than per 60KB or part thereof.

Most Optus prepaid plans include a set amount of data, but the rates apply once you use that up. While the new rules still means you’ll get slugged a minimum of $0.60 every time you connect, at least you’ll get a bit more data for your pains.

Until the end of February, Optus is also increasing the amount of data included with various top-up amounts. Hit the link for details of what rates apply to each plan.



  • The Optus prepaid system for mobiles has been killing me for months. A $10 data package charges minimum 60kb increments, so auto email checking uses a 60kb block every time it checks. Their $20 data pack is far better, 500mb and no 60kb limit

    Then if your $20 pack expires and you don’t realise, it uses your prepaid credit at $1.32 every time it checks your email, so 1 hour of background email checking and your $30 is gone.

    • I agree, the pricing is still ridiculous. Optus also charge a flagfall to add insult to injury.

      I think I’ll be sticking with Telstra’s per kB charging.

  • I just got charged a series of $2 in a span of 10 minutes! All of my $30 credit just got wiped out. I just viewed a Facebook page! This sucks! Be warned! Use other providers!

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