Office Web Apps Officially Available In Australia

Office Web Apps Officially Available In Australia

We told you way back in June how you could access Office Web Apps, but the cloud-based office supplement is now officially generally available through Windows Live and Hotmail accounts in Australia. Check out how it compares to full-blown Office and to its rival Google Docs.


  • I’ve been using the onenote web app the last two days and I’m pretty happy with it. The mean features I use are tagging and sync with my two desktops and they have been painless so far. If sync works well I’ll stick with this system. Having to always use the online client is what stopped me from wanting to use Zoho’s similar app.

  • Microsoft Office Web Apps does not currently support https: encrypted connections.

    I’ve been a Google Docs user for long time and would like to move some stuff across to Office Web Apps because it fits into the rest of my work stuff (desktop Office) but without secure connections… ain’t going to happen.

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