Not Much Free Productivity Gold In Windows Phone 7

When I checked out Windows Phone 7 earlier this year, one feature that wasn't available for testing was the Marketplace app store. Based on a quick look at that feature at this morning's press launch, we'll be waiting a while to see any decent and free productivity apps on the platform.

The first phone I tried accessing the Marketplace on utterly failed to connect to it, but we'll be charitable and blame that on event Wi-Fi. The second worked fine, and the experience of browsing apps is consistent with the rest of the Windows Phone 7 environment. But there's not much to browse, especially outside of the games arena (which has been the major focus of most of the launch activity).

Case in point: when I burrowed into the Productivity category and then looked at 'free' apps, there was precisely one on offer, for fuel tracking. Tools was similarly bereft, with just two tools (one a random winner picker, the other a network profile app from Samsung).

I don't expect every app to be free, I don't expect a new phone platform to match the breadth of established players in the market, and I realise that some apps might show up between now and next week's launch. But right now, from a productivity perspective, Windows Phone 7 doesn't have a lot to obviously recommend it, given that the built-in apps aren't exactly compelling either.


    Get over it.. The phones have not even been released to the market as yet.

      They are out in nine days though. There'll need to be a flood of activity if those gaps are going to be filled.

        Developers are saying, especially in that post, that approval for apps is starting. In the next 3-5days over 2000 are expecting to be pushed into the market.

        The other thing also, is that app submissions have only been possible for most for the past 8 or so hours.

        Wow, that will be a fun week at MSHQ. Good luck to them. Am happy that there are plenty of apps in the pipeline though for Thursday week.

        This is extremely premature, all indications are that there is going to be bucketloads of apps for this phone.

    i gotta ask, how many apps were at apples store prior to the launch? Would be nice to do a proper comparison to MS then.

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