Nokia N8 To Be Released Across All Australian Carriers

Nokia N8 To Be Released Across All Australian Carriers

Nokia N8 To Be Released Across All Australian CarriersWe’d be lying if we said Symbian phones got a whole lot of attention here at Lifehacker, but they do still represent a large chunk of the market. The new Nokia N8, which is being pushed as a serious photography device as well as an apps platform, will go on sale across all the main carriers on November 1 for an outright buy price of $749.

That price tag (which I’m sure will be supplemented by $0-upfront contract options) lines up pretty well against other recent contenders such as Windows Phone 7 and the many Android phones on the market. The 12MP camera may well appeal to serious mobile photography and video aficionados. There’s also a handful of Australia-only apps, including a Sydney Transit app which seems notable if only because there hasn’t been an official app for any other platform to cover public transport in Australia’s biggest city.

That said, we suspect it may take more than this one device for Nokia to get away from its “phones for people who don’t care about phones” image (Nick over at Gizmodo also had some reservations when he played with an early prototype). Are you tempted by the N8? Tell us in the comments.



  • I have one arriving soon and can’t wait for it (obviously). I think there are so many things that can be done with the Nokia N8 and features wise this definitely does match up against other smartphones. In the coming months, watch the developers side of things catch up and Nokia will be back in the game.

    • Say “hi” to your fellow Nokia employees for me next time you see them in the lunch room!

      The N8 will be a failure, just like the N97 (Mario, the N97 was released about 18 months ago. If that’s “back in the day” then life must be a real blur for you).

  • Shouldn’t they be developing the crap out of Meego and releasing that? Why on Earth are they still banking on Symbian? If they really want to stay relevant in the high end market they should ditch it and go with Maemo/Meego or even Android.

    • Thats right. Nokias phones are good (hardware wise) but their software is useless lately, even in their flagship n800 or back in the day the n97.

      They should ditch symbian right now and go with android.

      They can heavily customize android in the way they want it, so you could have a reliable fast OS, and the look and tools they want

  • I have been waiting since the leaked pics popped up around March!
    Functionally symbian is still fantastic, it just gets bad press because it doesn’t look as pretty as its contemporaries.

    Things such as
    -Actual file manager
    -Real multitasking
    -USB on the go
    -Using mp3s as ringtones (looking at you apple)
    -FUNCTIONAL unrestricted bluetooth (apple!)
    -720p Native DivX playback
    -Of course, the camera and Xenon flash!

    Are going to keep me coming back and back to symbian and the N8.

    Sure, the on screen keyboard apparently is not as good as others, the browser is a bit slow atm (update planned already by Nokia), screen res is relatively lower but to me the positives far outweigh the negatives.

  • I’m in ! And to AllanC no point mentioning any features, we all know nothing is any good or useful unless rediscovered or proclaimed by MR Jobs as the next big thing.

  • “phones for people who don’t care about phones” ?
    Surely, exactly the opposite. Nokia’s are for people who want to play around with and infinetly extend their phone. The iPhone is no doubt great, but I grew out of playing with Fisher Price toys a long time ago.

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