Make Your Own Gadget Dash Mount Out Of Sugru

You can buy any number of car mounts for your smart phone, GPS or MP3 player, but if you want something cheaper and device-independent, Instructables user Depotdevoid shows us how to make our own out of Sugru.

We've fallen in love with mouldable silicone Sugru for its endless DIY uses, and one of its best features is that you can mould it to fit anything you want. Thus, no matter what smart phone or MP3 player you have, you can make your own dashboard mount that fits your device perfectly.

Apart from the Sugru (which you can make yourself if you prefer), you'll need a hot glue gun, some scissors and a knife or sharp awl to put it all together. It isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but we like that you can mold it to work with literally any device you might have (and it's cheaper than most of the pre-made mounts out there). Check out the video to see it in action, and hit the link for detailed instructions on how to make it.

Sugru Dash Mount for Electronics [Instructables]


    Why do you guys keep pushing this stuff?
    Do you have shares or something?
    You can't bloody well get it here, unless you're willing to pay the ridiculous cost from the brits and exorbitant delivery fee. Sure you can go to the trouble of making some oogoo but who wants to go to that trouble? When it becomes available in OZ you might have a case, but till then I don't want to see stories about a substance I'd have to sell my first born to get hold of!

      This is from Lifehacker US, all content from our AUS editors have a little Aussie flag next to the authors names. If you don't want to hear US info just stick to the AUS flags. Filtering is a great individual skill.

        Snide comments about filtering aside, I stick by mine when I say that this stuff is obscenely expensive and hard to come by, no matter where you are!

    The cost and shipping isn't too bad.
    I just bought a packet of 12 sachets.
    $20 delivered to Australia.

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