Make Sudo Work Like Ubuntu On Other Linux Systems

If you've never had the chance to use sudo to fire off a higher-level command, you're missing out (and maybe missing the jokes). Here's how to set up an easy-to-use sudo on Fedora, Debian, and other Linux distributions.

Image via xkcd.

Linux Journal provides the know-how and full explanation of what you're setting up when you make a quick change to one file in your system. The gist of it: open /etc/sudoers in your text editor (and enter the administrative password, if prompted), then:

Scroll down until you find the line

root ALL=(ALL) ALL

and underneath, add the line

[your username]ALL=(ALL) ALL

If that's not a 10-second process for you, read up on Linux Journal's explanation before proceeding.

Setup Ubuntu-style Sudo on other Distributions [Linux Journal]


    Uhm, isn't it considered bad form to edit the file directly?
    As far as I know (and that may not be much) it's best to use the "visudo" command to muck about with sudoers.

    Ve: your absolutely correct. "visudo" is the ONLY recommended way to edit this file.

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