Make A Paging System For Lost Remote Controls

Remote controls are sneaky little buggers, burying themselves in couch cushions every chance they get. To find them easier, you can hack a few parts from an old cordless phone into your remote and page it from across the room.

If you've ditched your landline, chances are you already have a few cordless phones lying around, with paging systems built into their charging dock. Clever DIYer Matt took advantage of this feature by removing the phone's unnecessary parts—the screen, the microphone, etc.—and putting the leftover circuit board in his remote control.

By keeping the circuit board, speaker, and battery (which now powers the rest of the remote), he can make it beep from across the room whenever he loses it. In fact, you can probably add this to any of your easily-lost electronics, as long as they have the room for another small circuit board. Check out the video to see it in action.

TV Remote Control With Pager [YouTube via Hack a Day]


    Some really good duality of function there, the ability to find a lost remote and the added ability to charge the remote. not that older remotes usually chew through batteries, but still an added bonus.

    All he needs to do now is hack the base unit to make a swish dock/charging station.

    When will TVs come with remotes that have a dock and paging functionality, like this - built in from the factory?

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