Lunchtime Wrap: Video Stores & T-Shirt Transfers

Lunchtime Wrap: Video Stores & T-Shirt Transfers

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Learn why Lifehacker love or leave their local video store and how to use iron-on T-shirt transfers effectively.

How Much Do Aussie Developers Care About Windows Phone 7?
Most of the attention at yesterday’s Windows Phone 7 launch was around the handsets and what they’ll cost. But just which Australian developers are releasing Windows Phone 7 apps?

When Did You Last Rent A Movie?
Last year, my nearest video rental outlet closed and was replaced by a chemist. I didn’t really care, because I’d never been a member. As accurately as I can calculate, the last time I rented a video (and it actually was a video, not a DVD) was sometime around the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Just how extreme is that?

Print Your Own Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers
If you want to produce a quick one-off T-shirt for a special occasion, you don’t need much more than an inkjet printer, a blank T-shirt, an iron and a little time. Here’s some tips to make the process go smoothly.

What’s Your Favourite Quick And Simple Meal?
You’ve got a few minutes to throw a meal together, but you don’t want to sacrifice taste just because you have no time. What’s your go-to dead simple meal?

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