Lunchtime Wrap: Windows Phone 7 & Multimedia Futures

Lunchtime Wrap: Windows Phone 7 & Multimedia Futures

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Here’s the best posts you missed.

Windows Phone 7 Launches In Australia October 21
Fancy a Windows Phone 7 device? The first phones will go on sale on October 21 in Australia, with models from HTC and LG going on sale via Telstra and a Samsung device through Optus.

Do We Want Multi-Media Storytelling?
The Mongoliad is the latest attempt to expand fiction into the multimedia realm, adding video, wikis and other elements to a traditional novel-style narrative. But just how much demand is there for the merging of different kinds of media?

Not Much Free Productivity Gold In Windows Phone 7
When I checked out Windows Phone 7 earlier this year, one feature that wasn’t available for testing was the Marketplace app store. Based on a quick look at that feature at this morning’s press launch, we’ll be waiting a while to see any decent and free productivity apps on the platform.

Make Your Own Oogoo, A Versatile DIY Sugru-Like Substance
We dig the versatility and strength of Sugru, a friend to DIY-ers that is unfortunately shipped mainly from the UK. Want to make your own? Corn starch, silicone caulk, colouring paints and a few other materials can yield “Oogoo”.

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