Lunchtime Wrap: VOD Plans & iOS Jailbreak Benefits

Lunchtime Wrap: VOD Plans & iOS Jailbreak Benefits

Didn’t catch Lifehacker over the weekend? Find out what video-on-demand actually costs and why you might want to jailbreak your iPhone.

Planhacker: Pay Per View Video On Demand Services
Foxtel’s announcement today of Internet-driven video-on-demand (VOD) is the newest addition to an increasingly crowded marketplace. Planhacker rounds up what you’ll pay for movie and TV rental downloads.

Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Hacks
If you’ve purchased an Apple mobile product you’ve also signed up for its many limitations, but jailbreaking can put you back in control. These are our top ten jailbreak hacks to help you customise and better utilise your iOS device.

DIY Laptop Repairs, Upgrades: Keyboards, Trackpads
A laptop that’s hard to type or point with isn’t much of a help when you’re getting things done away from your desk. But you can fix and replace your keys and touchpad rather than take a big credit card hit.

Australian Android Developers Can Now Sell Apps Through The Market
Google has finally removed one of the most annoying restrictions for Australian Android developers: not letting them sell apps through the Android Market. That should mean a much wider range of apps targeted at local users (though we’re certainly happy to keep taking free apps when they appear).

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