Lunchtime Wrap: Statistics 101 & Unit Pricing

Lunchtime Wrap: Statistics 101 & Unit Pricing

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Catch up on how to avoid problems when you’re reading statistics and why unit pricing isn’t always helpful.

Basic Errors To Avoid When Interpreting Survey Statistics
Today is not just a pretty neat date (20/10/2010), it’s also World Statistics Day. While the day is designed to celebrate the collectors of national statistics, it’s also a timely chance to remind ourselves of traps we often fall into when looking at survey data.

Unit Pricing Measurements Aren’t Always Consistent
Unit pricing became law for most large supermarkets in December last year. But that still doesn’t mean that comparisons can always be made directly.

Telstra Changes Data Allowances For Prepaid Mobile Broadband
Telstra has altered charging on most of its prepaid mobile broadband plans, expanding the data allocation on the cheaper plans and offering longer expiry dates for the pricier options.

Hamster Free Video Converter Is A Drag-And-Drop Conversion Tool
If you’re looking for a simple drag and drop solution for converting videos for on your iPod, PS3, or other portable device or media centre, Hamster Free Video Converter is a no-fuss video conversion tool.

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