Lunchtime Wrap: Quiet Carriages & Apple Recalcitrance

Lunchtime Wrap: Quiet Carriages & Apple Recalcitrance

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Here’s the best posts you missed.

How Useful Are Quiet Carriages On Trains?
Many train services incorporate a “quiet carriage” where mobile phones are discouraged and noise is supposed to be kept to a minimum. But do travellers really pay attention to those rules?

Apple Promises iPhone Daylight Saving Fix, Won’t Say When
A daylight saving software bug has rendered the recurring alarm function on iPhones pretty useless. Apple says it has already developed a fix, but won’t say when it will be released.

Our Favourite New Features In Ubuntu 10.10
Ubuntu 10.10, due for release this Sunday, isn’t a major overhaul of the popular Linux desktop, but it is packed with lot of nice changes. Here are the most useful and impressive new and improved features in Maverick Meerkat.

Why Do I Have To Reboot My PC So Often?
It’s the moment every PC owner dreads — you’ve installed a new program and your computer informs you that you’ll have to reboot before you can run it. Why does that happen so often even in 2010?

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