Lunchtime Wrap: Phone/PC Transfers & Home Studios

Lunchtime Wrap: Phone/PC Transfers & Home Studios

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Thursday? Learn how to better integrate your iPhone or Android phone with your PC apps, and what you need for a basic home recording studio.

How To Break Down The Barrier Between Your Android And Computer
Your Android is supposed to keep you instantly connected to your digital life. It can do that, but it needs some help. These best-of-class applications make sending files, syncing music, swapping websites and other phone-computer hook-ups so much easier.

How To Break Down The Barrier Between Your iPhone And Computer
Your iOS device is a killer pocketable computer; your desktop is more powerful with a bigger screen. They need to play better together. Here’s how to break down the barrier between the two and shuttle text, files, media and more seamlessly between your desktop and iPhone.

Set Up A Home Recording Studio For Under $1,000
Making music on your computer is easy, but recording it in decent quality can be more challenging. Here’s one music expert’s take on how to get the equipment you need without spending a fortune.

Full-Length Shows From The ABC Now On YouTube
The ABC’s iView service is already Australia’s best practice when it comes to online TV, but now the national broadcaster is offering full-length episodes of some of its older shows via YouTube as well.

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