Lunchtime Wrap: Onboard Immigration & Everything Buckets

Lunchtime Wrap: Onboard Immigration & Everything Buckets

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Learn how airline travel could get quicker and why universal capture apps aren’t for everyone.

Can We Get Some More Onboard Immigration Processing Already?
Indonesian airline Garuda has just introduced a scheme where some immigration formalities are performed on the plane before you land. All I want to know is: how quickly can we see this rolled out on other airlines?

Avoid ‘Everything Buckets’: Why I Can’t Get Into Apps Like Evernote
When I first started using Evernote two years ago, I was really excited about the universal capture tool. But I’ve lost my love for apps like Evernote because, frankly, I don’t think they work that well. Here’s why.

Limera1n Jailbreaks iOS 4 Devices On Windows And Mac
Limera1n, a jailbreak method for devices running the latest firmware out of Apple’s shop, has been released for Windows and Mac systems, making it likely the most convenient jailbreak method available for those looking to open up their iPhone.

Nokia N8 To Be Released Across All Australian Carriers
We’d be lying if we said Symbian phones got a whole lot of attention here at Lifehacker, but they do still represent a large chunk of the market. The new Nokia N8, which is being pushed as a serious photography device as well as an apps platform, will go on sale across all the main carriers on November 1 for an outright buy price of $749.

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