Lunchtime Wrap: Invitation Services & iPhone Alarms

Lunchtime Wrap: Invitation Services & iPhone Alarms

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Monday? Discover the best invitation management services online and learn why your iPhone alarm went off at the wrong time.

Best Invitation Services
With the internet at our disposal, invitations are no longer a strictly a signed, sealed, and delivered affair. Here’s a look at the most popular online invitation services Lifehacker readers use to create and coordinate their party invitations.

How To Work Around The iPhone 4 Daylight Saving Alarm Bug
We noted the importance of checking the time on devices when daylight saving began over the weekend in many states, but it turns out that iPhones running iOS 4 have a more subtle problem: recurring alarms go off at the wrong time once daylight saving has kicked in.

Turn An Old NES Into A DVD Player
If your old NES has seen better days, you don’t need to throw it out. With a bit of work, you can turn it into a cool, retro DVD player.

Foxtel’s Prices Change To Reflect VOD
Foxtel’s new video-on-demand services are priced pretty similarly to other offerings. That hasn’t stopped Foxtel altering some of its pricing in the wake of the new services.

Picture by Jim Empler

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