Lunchtime Wrap: Airline Lounges & Mobile Alarms

Lunchtime Wrap: Airline Lounges & Mobile Alarms

Didn’t catch Lifehacker on Monday? Learn how to save on airline lounge access and where to find the best enhanced mobile phone alarm apps.

Getting Australian Airline Lounge Access For Less
For regular travellers, having access to an airline lounge can make the process of travelling less stressful and more productive. But just how much does that cost, and is it possible to cut those costs? Road Worrier investigates.

Five Best Mobile Alarm Apps
Smart phone-based alarm clocks have become increasingly sophisticated and featured-packed, and more and more people are ditching their old-school alarms for alarms of the app variety. Here are five of the most popular mobile alarm apps.

ESTA Update: Less Paperwork But Stricter Enforcement
Back when the US government started charging for the ESTA authorisation needed by most Australians visiting the USA, some Lifehacker readers reported that this meant you no longer needed to fill out visa waiver paperwork before entering the country. That now seems to have become a reality for everyone, but the electronic checking process is more thorough than ever.

DIY Time Lapse Camera Enclosure
Whether you’re taking great pictures with your smart phone camera or just a simple point-and-shoot, here’s how to make a sturdy time lapse enclosure rig for your smartphone.

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