Lunchtime Wrap: 3G Hotspots & Eating For Energy

Lunchtime Wrap: 3G Hotspots & Eating For Energy

Didn’t catch Lifehacker over the weekend? Find the best deals for 3G Wi-Fi hotspots and learn how to eat for more energy at work.

Planhacker: Australian Prepaid 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot Deals
A 3G Wi-Fi hotspot lets you share your Internet connection with all your devices at once, and many are now offered as part of a prepaid bundle. Planhacker rounds up the contenders.

Eat Your Way To A High-Energy Workday
The majority of eating advice centres on losing weight. Instead, let’s look at how changing what you eat can help fend off mid-day energy slumps and blah feelings from your work day.

iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Issue Can Lead To Bill Shock
If you’re downloading large amounts of data directly onto an iPhone 4, you’ll obviously use Wi-Fi whenever possible. But be cautious when doing so overnight: you might find your iPhone reverts to using your more expensive 3G connection instead.

Macbuntu Makes Your Linux Desktop Look Like Mac OS X
We’ve shown you how to bring the OS X GUI to Windows, but if you’re more of a Linux fan, Macbuntu will add an OS X theme to your Ubuntu desktop instead.

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