Limera1n Jailbreaks iOS 4 Devices On Windows And Mac

Windows/Mac and iPhone: Limera1n, a jailbreak method for devices running the latest firmware out of Apple's shop, has been released for Windows and Mac systems, making it likely the most convenient jailbreak method available for those looking to open up their iPhone.

Limera1n, based on the same exploit as the previously mentioned Greenpois0n, is a one-click app and opens up unofficial apps and other capabilities on your devices. If you've jailbroken your iOS 4.x device with Greenpois0n or Limera1n, let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

limera1n [via Boy Genius Report]


    I tried Greenpois0n first, it crashed everytime it ran (Mac client). I then tried Limera1n and it worked first go.
    Seems to be working fine.

    LimeRa1n works like a charm, so easy to use!
    Time to jailbreak < 1minute.

    Just make sure you have the latest iTunes and that it is running at the time you jailbreak.

    Limera1n worked perfectly on my 3GS, I jailbroke my mates iphone 4 using greenpois0n and i prefer limera1n it was easy and quick, although i had to have itunes running at the time or it wouldnt work.

    limera1n = easiest jailbreak yet!

    Linera1n is by far the easiest jailbreak ever. No custom firmware just a couple of button clicks and it's ready to go! Keep up the awesome work!!

    Very happy with Limerain on the iphone 4. Double thumbs up.

    Fav Cydia apps:
    5 icon switcher
    five column SB



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