Learn To Creatively Cut Cake To Yield Maximum Number Of Pieces

Everybody is familiar with the most simple of cake cutting methods: cut a square cake in little squares and cut a round cake in wedges. These clever cake cutting ideas mix and match cat cutting methods to maximise your cake serving mileage.

How-to and household blog Tipnut shares several interesting cake cutting techniques from old cookbooks. The accompanying text for the illustration above is:

  • Cut around cake in a circle half way to the centre.
  • Cut pieces from outer circle.
  • Cut pieces from inner circle.
  • Makes 38 pieces.

Check out the full article at the link below for more cake cutting tips including a very clever way to turn a large "sheet" cake into a series of pretty cake wedges. Already cut the cake and would like to keep the slices fresh for later? Use an apple to extend the shelf life of cake.

Creative Cake Cutting Ideas [Tipnut]


    You cut cats with your cakes? Cruel bastard!

      Much nicer to cut a cat with a cake then with a knife, axe or chainsaw surely...

    Surely cutting a round cake into the usual slices and then just halving those slices would achieve the same result, without having to try and cut a circle in the first place...?

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