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You wanted online shopping tips to take advantage of the strong dollar and a basic grounding in statistics. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Top 10 Tips For Shoppers Excited By The Strong Aussie Dollar
    With the Australian dollar having briefly achieved parity with the US dollar last week and looking likely to remain strong for some time, buying from US shopping sites seems more appealing than ever. It can be a great way to save money, but follow these tips to make sure you don’t lose out.
  2. Basic Errors To Avoid When Interpreting Survey Statistics
    Today is not just a pretty neat date (20/10/2010), it’s also World Statistics Day. While the day is designed to celebrate the collectors of national statistics, it’s also a timely chance to remind ourselves of traps we often fall into when looking at survey data.
  3. Metal iPhone 4 Cover Protects Your iPhone 4 Without The Bulk Of A Case
    The iPhone 4′s glass backing is remarkably fragile—even more so than the other iPhone models. If you’d like to keep it protected without making the phone bulky with a case, consider replacing the back with this metal back cover instead.
  4. Avoid ‘Everything Buckets’: Why I Can’t Get Into Apps Like Evernote
    When I first started using Evernote two years ago, I was really excited about the universal capture tool. But I’ve lost my love for apps like Evernote because, frankly, I don’t think they work that well. Here’s why.
  5. Foxtel On Xbox 360 Will Be Bad For Your Download Cap
    Foxtel today launched its Foxtel on Xbox 360 service, which lets you access the pay TV channel via an Xbox 360 console without needing a set-top box. While the basic $20 a month price might sound appealing compared to full-blown pay TV, there’s a big risk involved, as Foxtel doesn’t have any unmetered partnerships with ISPs.
  6. What To Expect In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
    Apple didn’t reveal too much about the next iteration of their operating system, but from what we learned today, here’s a look at what you can expect when Mac OS X Lion is released in mid 2011.
  7. Vodafone Network Plans Promise Speed, Spell End For 3
    Vodafone Hutchison Australia has outlined plans that will see it expand its network coverage and speed, and merge together its Vodafone network assets with those of 3. That should mean better network performance and fewer confusing plans, but the changes won’t happen for a while.
  8. The Death Of The Album Chart
    A news report suggesting you can top the charts by selling just a handful of records doesn’t paint a healthy picture for the music industry. However, its real lesson is that combined sales charts are now a relatively useless tool for promoting music.
  9. Planhacker: Naked DSL Plans
    A Naked DSL broadband plan means you don’t pay extra on phone line rental, and current plans come with some seriously big data allowances. Find the best deal for you with our up-to-date roundup of naked DSL options in Australia.
  10. Telstra Desire Customers Still Waiting On Froyo Update
    Back on September 15, Telstra promised it would deliver the long-awaited update to Froyo for customers who had purchased the HTC Desire. One month later, it hasn’t happened, but Telstra is still claiming it will happen in “the next few days”.


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