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You wanted working iPhone alarms and a decent but cheap home recording studio. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Set Up A Home Recording Studio For Under $1,000
    Making music on your computer is easy, but recording it in decent quality can be more challenging. Here’s one music expert’s take on how to get the equipment you need without spending a fortune.
  2. How To Work Around The iPhone 4 Daylight Saving Alarm Bug
    We noted the importance of checking the time on devices when daylight saving began over the weekend in many states, but it turns out that iPhones running iOS 4 have a more subtle problem: recurring alarms go off at the wrong time once daylight saving has kicked in.
  3. Why Do I Have To Reboot My PC So Often?
    It’s the moment every PC owner dreads — you’ve installed a new program and your computer informs you that you’ll have to reboot before you can run it. Why does that happen so often even in 2010?
  4. How To Go Completely Wireless In Your Home
    Whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, most people don’t like running wires around their entire home to, say, get online or hook up a home theatre. These tips and tricks can help you go wireless in nearly any room in the house.
  5. Apple Promises iPhone Daylight Saving Fix, Won’t Say When
    A daylight saving software bug has rendered the recurring alarm function on iPhones pretty useless. Apple says it has already developed a fix, but won’t say when it will be released.
  6. Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Hacks
    If you’ve purchased an Apple mobile product you’ve also signed up for its many limitations, but jailbreaking can put you back in control. These are our top ten jailbreak hacks to help you customise and better utilise your iOS device.
  7. How To Break Down The Barrier Between Your iPhone And Computer
    Your iOS device is a killer pocketable computer; your desktop is more powerful with a bigger screen. They need to play better together. Here’s how to break down the barrier between the two and shuttle text, files, media and more seamlessly between your desktop and iPhone.
  8. Our Favourite New Features In Ubuntu 10.10
    Ubuntu 10.10, due for release this Sunday, isn’t a major overhaul of the popular Linux desktop, but it is packed with lot of nice changes. Here are the most useful and impressive new and improved features in Maverick Meerkat.
  9. What’s The Best Way To Safely Store Terabytes Of Data Cheaply?
    Individual hard drives are becoming ridiculously cheap, but as they pile up to create massive storage arrays the cost gets pretty massive as well. What’s your best bet for storing huge amounts of data affordably?
  10. Detect Liars By Making Them Draw
    Fabricating a story is easy when you only need to tell a few, select details. When you have to draw it out on paper, however, it becomes very easy to tell the liars from the truth tellers. Here’s how.


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