Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

You wanted discounts at Cosco, your privacy back on Facebook and a TV network with a modicum of respect for its viewers. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Costco Tech Savings Still In Evidence
    When wholesale giant Costco opened its first store in Melbourne last August, I paid a visit and found that for some tech items, it was definitely offering good bargains. A bit over a year later, the savings are still there if you pick the right categories.
  2. Facebook Places Out In Australia, How To Disable It
    Facebook’s at-times-controversial location service Places has begun rolling out to Australian users from today. Fortunately, if you don’t fancy the idea of letting anyone who knows you broadcast where you are, it’s possible to switch it off.
  3. Viewers Feel TV Networks Are Untrustworthy Morons
    The nature of broadcasting is evolving rapidly in the Internet era, but there’s one constant: viewers are sick and tired of being treated with contempt by the major Australian TV networks.
  4. Access Hulu And Other Blocked Services Using Squid
    One of the perennial challenges for Australian TV enthusiasts is finding a way to use Hulu and other geo-blocked streaming services. Here’s how Lifehacker reader Luke Carbis solved the problem.
  5. Could We Survive Without Private Cars?
    With more than 12 million passenger vehicles registered in Australia, it’s clear that our love affair with cars shows no signs of abating despite rising fuel costs, increasing congestion and environmental concerns. But are they the best solution to our actual problems?
  6. Five Best Presentation Creation Tools
    Gone are the days when presentations are limited to poster boards you can haul into the conference room, and you’ve also got more options than the de facto office suite provides. Here’s a look five of the most popular presentation creation tools.
  7. Android’s Many Versions And What’s In Them
    Every time we talk about Android phones around here, we pay a lot of attention to which version of Android those phones run. Why are there so many variations and why does it matter to users?
  8. Ask Lifehacker: Can I Make Windows 7 Run Better On My Netbook?
    Dear Lifehacker, I just figured out how to install Windows 7 on my new eMachines/Acer 350 netbook. Problem is, it’s kinda sluggish. Even though I’m only using it for the internet in my lounge, both Firefox and Chrome run sluggishly.
  9. Change Your iPhone’s App Icons Without Jailbreaking
    Jailbreakers have been theming their iPhones for a long time, but if you like to refrain from jailbreaking, you can still change that app’s ugly icon using previously mentioned iPhone Explorer.
  10. Make And Host Your Own Customised Landing Page
    Personal landing sites like are really popular right now, but we prefer more complete control over what Google has to say about us. Here’s a Lifehacker-made, easily customisable, open-source solution that you can place on any server and have running in minutes.


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