Kinstant Is A Kindle-Friendly Start Page

Kinstant Is A Kindle-Friendly Start Page

Kinstant is a start page for the experimental web browser in current generation Kindles that offers crisp and easy to navigate layout well suited to the Kindle’s monochromatic screen and limited navigation buttons.

The current generation Kindle (version 3) sports a simple web browser as part of its experimental feature set. The browser is surprisingly good given the limitations of the monochromatic screen and the Kindle’s book-oriented simple controls. Kinstant is a stripped down and Kindle-friendly start page that gives you quick and easy access to the mobile versions of a wide variety of websites like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Gmail, Facebook and a handful of handy tools like a web-based timer.

In our tests, Kinstant looked great on the Kindle and was easy to use. The only request we could make is a simple login system so users could customise the order of the links and add in their own. Visit the link below to check out Kinstant. Thanks sherwoodseo!


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