imovi Is A Simple MP3 Search Engine

That headline pretty much says it all: enter a song title into imovi and it will present a list of results which let you directly download that track in MP3 form.

The site says that the downloads are from legal sources, but I wouldn't be surprised if this disappears pretty quickly, as is often the case with media search sites. It performed pretty well in my quick testing, though some songs appeared to be shorter than the full, original versions.



    The back-story to this website coming around is sort of interesting, I think the guy made it to show his contempt for the entertainment industry and how they aren't really trying to stop piracy where they can. Or something like that... it seemed to me like the guy just wants companies to buy his anti-piracy stuff and this is in protest of their lack of interest.

    Anyways, TorrentFreak article:

      if the domain is not resolving for you please instead use as a temporary fix.

    I've downloaded 3 songs thus far and all 3 have been cut off about 75% through the song...

      Looks like the tail end of the MP3's are corrupted or something like that. Dodgy with a capital Q.

    Dunno what he thinks he's going to achieve apart from getting his ass sued into tiny tiny pieces by the big end of town...

    I had the same problem as Jason, the track I downloaded was only 2 minutes long and the bit rate was pathetic (138kbps).

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